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Supracell Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies is a form of homeopathy and is suitable for all animals and humans. It is non toxic and safe for us to relieve pet's stress and emotional issues.

Variant Blend No. 1 Rescue Remedy Blend No. 2 Fear

Blend No. 3 Aggression

Blend No. 4 Willingness to Learn

Features Use for all emergencies (shock, accident, trauma). It is the most important first aid measure and can be given until the animal has calmed down. Used for all cases when the animal is afraid of something (people, hands, animal of the same species, objects) or if it is anxious by nature. An important aid when an animal shows too much aggression in its behaviour, demonstrates destructive frenzy, permanent crying or viciousness. Use when an animal has difficulties in understanding & learning to play or sports or in living with humans.


Blend No. 5 Recovery

Blend No. 6 Loss, Mourning

Blend No. 7 Purification, Detoxification

Features Use when an animal is recovering slowly, had an operation or weak by nature. Supports the healing process and life energy. Use when an animal has lost its human or animal partner to help overcome grief and provide comfort. Used to restore an animal's vitality.  


SC115 Immune system

SC117 Turmoral

Features Helps to boost immune system Helps to reduce/attack tumour and suitable for after surgery  

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