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Gold-D Collection


Gold-D brand is inspired by the real life stories of local cats, Ken Ken, Gold-D, Garpy and their friends.

Gold-D brand celebrates Singapore's Cat Love and is believed to be the first cat product brand in Singapore PETAto feature local cats who were once abused or abondoned.

Gold-D brand is PETA certified cruelty free. Our products are not tested on animals.

Given a loving environment, all cats even abused or abandoned ones can bloom.

A cat is a cat and all are precious!




  Gold-D Trout & SardineGold-D Salmon and wote fish  
  Gold-D wet food
Read Product Review from cat parents who have tried Gold-D
Gold-D dry food
Formulated for optimum health. Grain free, complete meal with herbs and fruits
Gold-d nano collodial silver
Variant Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Nano Colloidal silver liquid Nano Colloidal silver gel Pet shampoo

USDA & EU organic certified find out more

250ml 10ppm
Amber glass bottle to keep contents in good condition.

Compost grown aloe vera with nano colloidal silver
Fragrance free
find out more
gold-d catnip
Gold-D plate
Variant Cat nip Ergonomic ceremic dish Paper litter  
  35 sachets in a glass bottle for freshness
1.3g catnip/sachet
Mess free and easy to clear.

Diameter 21cm, Circumference 70cm
Handmade and lead free
Broad enough whiskers cannot touch the sides
Slopes so that kibbles moves down
Steady base unlikely to flip

Made from recycled paper
Light weight
Minimal dust
No chemicals
No addictive



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