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Gold-DGold-D Fine Dining

Gold-D wet food range has 9 variants giving cat parents endless options to create personalised dishes for your cats.

Our Gold-D range is also modular so that you can vary your cat's protein sources.

Free delivery for order $30 and above.

Tuna range - always popular with cats but there are concerns of mercury levels in tuna

Seafood range - salmon, mackeral and sardine.

Poultry range - chicken

You can mix and match the flavours to create unique dishes evry meal. Almost like cooking but without the fuss.

  No matter which range you choose, all Gold-D wet food are:
  • a Complete meal based on The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standard
  • Grain free
  • with prebiotics to promote gut health
  • Free from meat byproducts
  • Free from artificial colouring and flavours
  • Free from artificial preservative
  • 85g per can, 24 can per carton
  • PETA Cruelty free product

Fine dining menu of the day:
Gold-D Chicken in gravy topped with mackerel and a side of sardine with shirasu

Variant Gold-D fine dining Gold-D fine dining (senior) 7yo & above
Features Gold-D Tuna with sea bream in sauce x 2
Gold-D Tuna with vegetable in sauce x 2
Gold-D Tuna with sardine in jelly x 2
Gold-D Tuna with anchovy in jelly x 2
Gold-D mackeral in gravy x 4
Gold-D Salmon with pumpkin in gravy x 4
Gold-D Sardine with shirasu in gravy x 4
Gold-D Chicken in Gravy x 4
Gold-D mackeral in gravy x 4
Gold-D Salmon with pumpkin in gravy x 4
Gold-D Sardine with shirasu in gravy x 4
Gold-D Chicken in Gravy x 4
Gold-D senior (tuna & sardine) x 8
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Of course fine dinng is never complete without elegant dining wares.
Gold-D plate
Variant Ergonomic dish
For cats and small dogs
Donut dish for multi cat household treat dish
Features D: 21cm
C: 70cm

Broad enough whiskers cannot touch the sides
Slopes so that kibbles moves down
Steady base unlikely to flip

D: 30cm
C: 97 cm
H: 4cm

Allows multiple cats to eat at the sametime.
Food evenly spreads around the dish
Design patent:

L: 8cm
B: 8cm
H: 2cm

For coconut oil, lysin and treats.

Free with Gold-D coconut oil order

AHA price

For cats who are unwell or fighting an infection, these will help boost their health:

Gold-d nano collodial silver
Variant Gold-D Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Gold-D Nano Collodial silver
Features can add into food or serve as a dessert on the Gold-D treat dish Can be added into water or food to fight infections and virus
AHA price

After the fine dining experience, remember to make sure the cat slaves use cat safe dishwash on the diner wares.

Variant AHA dishwash The 500ml pump is durable and can be recycled hence our 1 ltr pack comes in a mini jerry
AHA price


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