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Story of Jonah

DOB: 9 Sept 2012
AHA: 8 Jan 2015

Jonah was still a little kitten when he was abandoned. Alone, he wandered along corridors of HDB flats and was still trying to figure out what was going on.

A family saw Jonah and offered him some food and he would appear in the morning and evening for food. This went on for two weeks before Jonah attracted the attention of a cat phobia family.

Very lucky for Jonah, this family called for help to rehome him instead of calling for him to be culled.

Lucky for Jonah again, this matter caught the attention of a Mettacats volunteer who quickly trapped him. Found by the volunteer at a car park, Jonah was sent to the vet for a check-up.

Jonah goes to AHA

At that time, Ken Ken and Gold-D had moved to a new place so they decided to asked Jonah to join them and Jonah became a member of the family.

Jonah is a healthy, independent but affectionate boy. Initially, there were some hostility between him and Seng Seng but over time, Seng Seng began to behave like a big brother towards Jonah and would groom him and show him affection.

Shortly after Jonah arrived, we also adopted Teddy. They became at that time the 2 babies of the Gold-D family.

Jonah the model

When we worked on our Gold-D dry food, we decided to feature Johah and Teddy as our way of promoting adoption.

For Jonah’s 5th birthday, we decided to launch a limited edition NETs card feature Jonah making him the first ex abandoned cat to be featured.

Like all of the cats we adopt, we want Jonah to be a happy and healthy cat.


Jonah and Gold-D

Jonah, Mr Nov. Mettcats calendar 2016
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