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Story of Mandarin


DOB: 2005
AHA: 18 Feb 2015
RIP: 31 Dec 2015

Mandarin and Orange was abandoned on 16 Feb 2015, a few days before Chinese New Year.

Both cats were terrified and stayed at the spot they were abandoned. Too frightened to move or still hoping to their owners to bring them back?

Despite his fear, Mandarin took it upon himself to comfort Orange and even hugging to assure him. Luckily for them, PG Tan was alerted, rescued them and AHA took them in.

Mandarin at AHA

Mandarin came to AHA on 18 Feb 2015, a day after Orange as he had wandered off. During his check-up, the vet discovered borderline kidney problems and signs of long term neglect.

Mandarin also had the habit of peeing outside of the litter box.

Mandarin Blink

Despite all of these, Mandarin was exceptionally affectionate and a very affectionate cat. He loved to be cradled like a baby and loved to cling on like a litter koala bear.

His signature show of affection is a very slow animated blink. A hug after his blink sets hum purring away with a very happy look on his face.


During a subsequent vet check-up, Mandarin’s kidney reading had become normal. However, despite him eating well, he was not putting on weight.

He later developed breathing problems and the x ray shows severe lung issues either infection or cancer.

In Aug 2015, Mandarin became very tired but with careful care and food, he managed to recover. A vet check-up showed his lung to be normal and kidney reading was also normal. However, he is still not putting on weight.

In Nov 2015, Mandarin developed a limp but the x-ray showed no dislocation or fracture. During an acupuncture session, the vet detected some abnormality and suggested an ultrasound scan. It was hoped that if it is an early stage tumour, it cud be removed.

Unfortunately, the ultrasound scan reveal growth around his kidney and the cell analysis indicated cancer.

Palliative care

The vet recommend that we do not proceed with chemo therapy as he may not survive the side effects due to his weak health.

We turn our efforts towards palliative care. Mandarin despite his limp continue to be cheerful and extremely affectionate.

He enjoy long hugging sessions and would purr and give his signature blink.

Towards the end of December, Mandarin deteriorated and was not able to move much. On 29 December, hours before the New Year, Mandarin ended his chapter as a cat.

Good by Mandarin

Mandarin was with us for only 10 months and was often in ill health. However, it felt like we have had him for years.

He is always affectionate, always loving and ready to give his signature blink and purr. He was also very considerate and never gave any trouble.

As his body was shutting down, we told him to let go and not to worry about us.

We will always love him and will never forget him. So to our very precious Mandarin, we love you.

16 Feb 2015: Mandarin & Orange abandoned

Seng Seng looking after Mandarin

Mandarin napping with Gold-D

Mandarin at the vet

Mandarin shutting down

Good bye Mandarin

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