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Story of Misty

AHA: 9 Dec 2016
RIP: 6 May 2017

The nostalgic low-rise flats were slated for demolition/upgrading/redevelopment. Whichever the outcome, the existing residents were displaced and were preparing to vacate their homes.

On 30 Nov 2017, we joined volunteers of Dakota “Save the Dakota Cats” to comb for cats left behind by residents. We had found Henry meowing away and hungry for food. As we rescued Henry and headed downstairs, we saw a black cat eating.

Misty in Dakota

She was very pretty but we caught sight of a wound on her nose. Once, we managed to grab her for a closer look, it was not good. She showed signs of nose cancer. Her condition was similar to Francis whom we were giving palliative care. She was the cat whom we later named Misty.

At the vet, Misty was found to be FIV+ and her nose was confirmed to be nose cancer. She was also badly infected with tick and fleas. We had no choice but to board her at the vet.

However, Misty was highly stressed at the vet so we discharged her and brought her back on 9 Dec 2016. Misty had to be isolated until she was free from ticks and flea’s infestation.

Nose cancer palliative care

While the nose cancer will not kill Misty, the wound on her nose can get infected and become fatal. As her cancer spread to other parts of her body, she will get weaker, be extremely uncomfortable, and may not be able to find food. She will have a very difficult time living on the streets.

The only option is to take her home, give her lots of affection so that she can passed away as comfortable as possible.

Misty has a home

When she joined the rest of the cats, she was an independent, sweet and polite cat. The other cats like Seng Seng would groom her and she never fight or create any problem. She never fights for food and sometimes, we even had to bring a plate of food specially for her to enjoy.

As we care for her, we also see how her cancer spreads. Eventually, her cancer affected her eyes and she became very tired. We assured her of our love and also gave her permission to leave her ailing body whenever she chooses to.

Good bye Misty, we love you

On the morning of 6 May 2017, Misty departed very peacefully. When we bring Misty home, we were fully aware of her health status.

While we cannot reverse the cancer, we did whatever we can to look after her, to make her comfortable and more importantly to make sure she knows she is loved. It was a relief that she left without having to go through prolong suffering.

But still it is not easy to see a beautify precious cat depart.

The streets of Dakota, Misty's former home

Misty in Dakota and found with symptoms of nose cancer

The cancer spreading

RIP Misty

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