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Caring for FIV and FLV cats

FIV & FLV are not death sentences. Working with a vet and with clean space, healthy food and lots of love, these cats can lead quality lives.

Ever since we adopted Rahula, we received many questions about FIV and FLV cats. We share our expereince on this page as a reference.

The information we share is based on Rahula's preferences and habits and is not a standard for cats in different situations.

Our approach is to give Rahula a clean place, good food and lots of love. Medically, we work closely with our vet and will do whatever is necessary to keep him happy and healthy.


This was how Rahua looks like when we first met him.
The previous owner had abandoned him after discovering he was FIV and FLV positive.

We were not sure how long he has been neglected so we were not sure he would live.

The strategy at this stage was to make him as comfortable as possible. As a precaution, we began preparing his funeral.



The first few days Rahula was very weak and unable to eat much. There were sores in his mouth and it smelled badly. The vet had gave him some antibiotics and a steriod injection.

We made a soupy dish for Rahula using Addiction dehydrated food. This way he can drink the soup, keep himself hydrated and get all the good nutrients.

addiction dehydrated

Eventually Rahula got better and was able to eat wet food. He has lost all of his teeth so we choose wet food that has sauces.

We use Gourmet Delight. All of these brands do not have any artifical colouring & flavours and free from meat by products. Luckily he also likes Nutripe Fit with Q enzyme.

Other brands we would love to include are Wellness Core and Addiction but Rahula does not like it.

We would have used Gold-D brand because it has pre biotic. (Gold-D was launched after Rahula passed away).

gourmet delightnutripe


Due to his fragile health, we add supplements into his meals everyday. Most of the supplements are given to Rahula by our good friend Mr Steve Chia.

The supplements include grill oil, Colostrum , multi vitamin supplements, virgin coconut oil.


Apart from these, we also add some silver collodial gel into his food. We used to spray the liquid version into his mouth but it shocks him. So better to use the gel in his food. It can help prevent mouth infection and surpress the viruses.

Because silver collodial can affect the good bacteria in his gut, we also add pro biotic into his food.

Gold-d nano collodial silverprobiotics


Rahula's room is clean with bleach at least once a week. After the bleach is mopped away, we mop another time with AHA phenol free disinfectant just to be extra safe.

To keep his room as clean as possible, we use the ant proof plate so that he can eat whenever he wants and prevent ants from touching his food.



Initially, we used clay litter but the dust may affect him so we changed to paper litter. However, Rahula is a big splasher and soon the whole room is full of paper litter.

Now we use pee wee pine and it seem to work.

Last but not least, we accept that one day Rahula will succumb to the virus and leave us. That is inevitable for all beings.

For now, we will do what is medically possible to keep Rahula healthy and shower him with lots of love to keep him happy and special.

Even with the additional vet fees, the additional work involve in caring for him, whatever you put in, he gives you even more in love and affection.

So please, when your pets are unwell, care for them, assure them and shower them with love. DO NOT ABONDON!



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