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Ciao treats

Food type Treat  

Why we carry this product?

  • grain-free
  • preservative-free
  • popular with cats
Country of production Thailand  


Variant Chu ru tuna (maguro)
14g x 4 CIS071
Chu ru tuna (Katsuo)
14g x 4 CIS072
Chu ru chicken fillet
14g x 4
Chu ru chicken fillet & squid 14g x 4
AHA price

Variant Chu ru white meat tuna and scallop
14g x 4 CIS077
Chu ru tuna with collagen
14g x 4 CIS074
Chu ru white meat tuna with fibre
14g x 4 CIS101
AHA price  

Chu-ru Grilled skipjack tuna

Variant Grilled tuna chu ru dried bonito flavour
12g x 4 4R-104
Grilled tuna chu ru scallop flavour
12g x 4 4R-105
Grilled tuna chu ru crab flavour
12g x 4 4R-107
AHA price  

Pack of 10

Variant Chu ru White Meat Tuna Scallop Flavor CIS125 Chu ru Chicken Fillet Scallop Flavor
AHA price    

Pack of 20

Variant Chu ru White Meat Tuna CIS127 Chu ru Chicken Fillet Seafood Mix CIS128 Chu ru Tuna Scallop Mix CIS129  
AHA price  


Variant Tuna (Maguro) in Jelly CIS081 Tuna (Katsuo) in Jelly CIS082 Chicken Fillet in Jelly CIS083  
AHA price  


Variant Grilled Tuna Dried Bonito with Seaweed Powder Flavor CIT04 Grilled Chicken Fillet Chicken Soup Flavor CIY06 Grilled Chicken Fillet Crab Flavor CIY01  
AHA price  
Variant Grilled Tuna (Maguro) Flavor CIT01 Grilled Tuna Scallop Flavor CIT02 Grilled Tuna Dried Bonito Flavor CIT03  
AHA price  



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