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Must Have!

Welcome to our must have page. The products on these page are special bundles on promotion and all have a 1 item free delivert service.



Gold-D wet food carton

  Gold-D wet food is a complete meal, grain free and with probiotics.
Gold-D wet food do not contain carrageenan, colouring, by products or artificial preservatives.

For the sardine variants, we removed the head and the tail because cats wont eat them.

Some cats may need time to transit to new food so we are giving a free dish to let you blend Gold-D into existing food.

Each carton (24 cans of 85g) has 3 cans of:
Tuna and sardine
Tuna anchovy
Tuna seabream
Tuna vegertable
Salmon with pumpkin
Sardine with shiratsu
Chicken in gravy

Gold-D tuna and sardine with mackerel topped with sardine and shirasu

    Wirth free dish
1 ctn free delivery

AHA Home care


PETAMany homecare products are not formulated for homes with pets.
As animal's systems are more dedicate, exposure to chemicals can cause harm and even death.

So, we put together three products that every pet households must have. And they are all cruelty free products.

AHA phenol free disinfectant
Product AHA dishwash 500ml AHA disinfectant 1ltr Gold-D collodial spray 200ml
Why? Free from 3 chemicals known to cause cancer in animals and human.
find out more
Phenol free. Phenol can affect major organs and even cause deaths. find out more.
A safe non toxic first aid at home. Can be sprayed onto wounds, litter box, and even add into water to flush out infections. find out more
AHA price   Free delivery.
1 box with 3 items


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