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Story of John John

DOB: 4 Jul 2004
AHA: 2 Nov 2016

On 25 Oct 2016, at around 2.30 am, a very sick cat was sighted at Jurong West St 71. His body had turned yellow and was in critical condition.

The next morning about 9am, a rescuer sent him to a vet. Unfortunately, this rescuer could not afford to pay for the medical treatment and the vet suggested that the cat be euthanised. This case began spreading on social media and another rescuer came forward to bring the cat to another vet.

Second chance

12 hours after he was rescued, he finally received medical care. By now, he was severely dehydrated and in a "pretty bad state".

Thanks to rescuers who refused to give up and to the vet who responded, the cat’s conditioned stabilised. Later, he was even able to eat.

Very slowly, he was coming out of danger and the rescuers named home John John, the jaundiced cat. As John John began to recover, the rescuers began planning for the next stage of care.

John John need to be medicated and required constant care so he need a foster. The rescuers also need to appeal for funds to pay the vet.

Fostering John John

Being a FIV+ cat with liver failure makes it challenging to find a fosterer so we decided to foster John John. When he arrived, he warmed up rather fast and soon, we let him to mingle with our other cats.

With constant medication and care, John John began to recover and even gained weight. By Nov 2016, the vet confirmed that John John has recovered from his liver condition!

The rescuers began planning for his adoption.

John John at AHA

Being a handsome and adorable cat, there were several interests. However, the perspective families were either concern about his FIV status or his liver history.

Meanwhile, John John began to bond with our cats especially Seng Seng and Teddy. Taking this into consideration and the stress of going for adoption drives, we asked if John John want to stay with us and be part of the family. He said yes and we were of course overjoyed!

John John became part of AHA family and began to bloom. He is an extremely handsome, adorable cat and very affectionate and even playful. Being a human friendly cat, John John would roll, purr and ask to be stroke or for a hug. As what the rescuers called him, he was really a honey bear so adorable and so cute.

Be inspired by John John

We hope John John’s story can inspire others to give a chance to cats who survived medical crisis. With regards to FIV, they can live with other cats as long as they do not fight.

FIV cats with lots of affection, good food and clean environment can lead quality lives. Like Gold-D, they may even pass away of non FIV related causes.

Nothing beats real life examples so we hope John John’s story creates opportunities for other cats.

Having been starved and almost died, John John can related to the issues of hunger and malnourishment and he is in charged of our Cambodia food project.

John John at vet
Photo credit: May Choo / Eve

John John at vet
Photo credit: May Choo / Eve

John John recovering at home

John John eating with his siblings
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