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Support St John Island cats

St John Island has about 130 community cats cared for by volunteers.

Just a year ago, they were starving and in bad health conditions. Now, their health have improved and are sterilised.

Cats who are sick are brought back to mainland for medical attention.

All these because the volunteers love animals and want to care for them and protect them from harm.

Please support them by ordering food to support them. Any qty will be appreciated as it will lighten their financial burden.

They need 200kg of dry food per month.
The workers on the island feed them daily.

Wet food is given whenever volunteers visit and they require 10 ctns per trip.

AHA also organise feeding trips to Gold-D. If you are keen to go please contact us.

Logo Story

Online articles on Taiwan and Japan's cat communities go viral, but it seems few people are interested in our own version of a Cat Island.

We hope to
raise awareness of this. The St. John Island cats are cared for by the kampung folks and foreign workers who have projects there.
These cats are special because they have the 'best' living environmen
t: sun, sand, sea and endless supply of fish to fiddle with. 

This relaxed, carefree and playful nature is what I hope to depict with the grap
hic and handwriting font.


Paparazzi waiting to film arrival of celebrity cat princess

To support St John Island Cats,

You can order by filling the form below, whatsup 81272723 or e mail pets@ahasg.com

1) Please indicate the quantity of food you wish to contribute. NO GST.
2) Click order now and you can choose to pay by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

St John Island trip
Meet at Marina South Pier
Important note:
1) Insurance not covered
2) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
3) Alot of walking and carrying so not suitable for young children or elderly
4) Bring sunblock and water.
5) Bring some food or snacks if required
Date: 9 aug 2017
Time: 10.30 am to 4.00pm
Cost: S$17 per person
Pls contact SJI to book your tickets

gold-d Gold-D trout and sardine    
Gold-D wet food
24 x 85g/ctn
Gold-D dry food 2kg    
$25.00 $27.00    


Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
Just put "NA" as we will send the food to St John Island cats.

Thank you for your support.





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