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Story of Orange

DOB: Unknown
AHA: 17 Feb 2015
RIP: 15 Aug 2015

16 Feb 2015, just 3 days before Chinese New Year, a pair of cats were abandoned at the void deck of Jurong housing block.

They were obviously home cats who were terrified and remained on the same spot they were abandoned as if waiting for their owners to come back for them. The cat lovers in the area discovered them and appealed for help.

We had just moved into our new location and decided to adopt them. However, when we arrived the white cat had disappeared so we took the ginger back with us on 17 Feb. The next day we found the white cat and both were united.

As they were found so near the Chinese New Year and one white and one ginger, we decided to call them Mandarin and Orange.

Story of Orange

Orange is a very loving and quiet cat. Unfortunately, he was also not littler trained and would relieve himself at different places. It was not ideal but with a bit of effort, we managed to keep the place clean and odour free.

After Mandarin and Orange settled down, we took them for a health check-up. Orange had dental problems and required medical attention. Unfortunately, the check-up also reveal that Orange’s kidneys were failing.

Orange is too young to have kidney problem and vets were of the opinion that they were both victims of long term neglect and the low quality food contributed to the kidney failure.

By May, Orange deteriorated rather quickly and was not eating. We send him to the vet and was hospitalised. 5 days later, the vet was concerned that his condition has not improved much.

After discharge, Orange needed daily subcut. He was tired most of the time and his appetite would alternative between very good to note eating at all.

However, Orange remained alert and was very affectionate and sweet.

Kidney failure is a condition that cannot be reverse and we can only hope to stabilise it. Despite our best efforts, Orange did not stabilise and was slowly fading away.

Good bye Orange

On 14 Aug, Orange became very tired. We told Orange to let go and to leave for a better place. We assured him we love him and we will take good care of Mandarin.

He was very tired and was sleeping but slowly, very slowly and very gently fading away.

Our precious Orange left in his sleep on 15 Aug 2015.

In loving memory of Orange

We only had Orange for 6 months. About 2 months after he arrived we discovered his kidney condition.

Despite him being unwell, he was very loving and very sweet cat. He seem to know we are worried if he does to eat and many times he would nibble on the food and turned to look at us.

Orange’s condition is totally avoidable. All that was required was good quality food. Unfortunately when we had him it was too late to reverse it.

It was a very short 6 months but he gave us so much affection. We are very lucky to be able to care for a precious cat like him.

We are happy he is finally relieved of his pain and suffering and we will always remember him and love him.

Orange precious we love you and we miss you very much.


16 Feb 2015: Mandarin & Orange abandoned

Very gentle, loving and sweet cat.

Resting with Gold-D

Encouraging him to eat with different food for him to choose.

Massage and eat session

Orange hospitalised

Gold-D watching over Orange

Orange on 13 aug 15, 2 days before he passed away

Good bye Orange. We love you.
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