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Story of Princess

DOB 2011
RIP 29 June 2017

On 27 Jun 17, Save the Dakota cats team received a message from a member of Cat Welfare. They were informed that a cat from Dakota was bitten by dogs and sent to SPCA. The cat was scheduled to be put to sleep at SPCA.

Save the Dakota cats team requested for time to bail out the cat which SPCA agreed.

Bailed from SPCA

The cat was bailed out by us and sent to the vet. We did not dare touch her in case she has internal injury. However, we talked to her and she look back and meow affectionately. We named her Princess to let her know she is special and we are there for her.

At the vet, it was found that the cat had no internal injury but seem to be in a bad state of shock. Her temperature was also very low.

It was agreed to board the cat at the vet for observation and for us to discuss her medical treatments.

Unfortunately, the next morning, Princess passed away at the vet.

Our Princess

This is the shortest duration we have ever adopted a cat. And we did not even have a chance to hug her or to hear her purr.

We just wanted her to have a chance to receive medical care and then to look after her. Her affectionate meow on the way to the vet was still very fresh in our memory.

Perhaps, the only consolation is to take comfort that Princess left on her own terms.

The only thing we can do for her, is to give her a dignified last rite and to let her know that she may have come in as a rescued community cat, she left us as a princess. Very loved and very precious.

Dakota estate

Good bye Princess

RIP Princess. We love you
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