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Cat litters

Welcome to our cat litter section.
We have put together litters of different textures, materials and prices.

Natural or scented?

In line with our policy to offer pet centric products, our litter collection consists of unscented ones.

Scented litters are produced by adding fragrances which are usually synthetic in nature.
If the fragrances are IFRA compliant, they are safe for pet use.

However, the concept can be problematic to animals.

For example, citrus fruits (lemon, orange, lime etc) are toxic to cats so in nature, a cat will never ever pee on a pile of oranges. For a cat to use scented litter is like doing its business on a pile of citrus fruits which is unlikely to happen in nature hence unnatural from the cat's perspective.

Odour control

To control odour especially in multi cat households, consider odour control products.


Soya litter        
Variant Nurture Pro Tofu Litter Corn Nurture Pro Tofu Litter Green Tea Nurture Pro Tofu Litter Original    
AHA price    
Clay Litter
canada litter
imperial care
fussie cat clay
Variant Canada Litter Imperial Care
Fussie Cat unscented litter  
Features Natural ingredient
Odour control
Instant Clumping
Safe for human & pets
3 bags = $14.70/bag
Silver Ion technology
Eliminates 99% of bacteria
Unscented litter clumping type  
AHA price  

Crystal and Grass litter
crystal litter
smart cat litter


Variant Magic Clean silica cat litter Smart cat grass clumping litter  
Features silica cat litter Bio degradable
Dust free
Made from grass
AHA price

Paper Litter
fussie cat charcoal litter

Variant Gold-D paper litter Breeder Celect litter Fussie Cat paper litter - charcoal Fussie Cat paper litter
  Paper type for cats & small animals. Lightweight, dust free, biodegradable, chemical free. Paper type for cats & small animals. Lightweight, dusk free, biodegradable, chemical free. Paper litter with charcoal to neutralise odour Paper litter. Environmental friendly cat litter
AHA price


Variant QQ Blue QQ Green tea QQ charcoal  
  Paper type for cats & small animals. Turns blue when in contact with waste Paper type for cats & small animals. Formulated with green tea. Paper type for cats & small animals.Formulated with charcoal  
AHA price  

Pine Litter
pee wee tray    
Variant Pee Wee Pine Pellets 9 kg pee wee classic    
Features Pine pellets. Suitable for cats and small animals L 58.0 cm
W20.0 cm
H 23.5 cm
AHA price    

Litter bins and scoop
arist o tray    
Variant Hagen litter bin with rim Arist-o-tray with rim Litter scoop    
Features Prevents litter from flying out of bin as cat leaves litter box
For cats of all sizes

Made in Belgium
3 colours
Suitable for small and medium cats
W38cm, L50cm, H14cm

Scoop with 2 hook choices    
AHA price    


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