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Story of Ken Ken

DOB: 22 Dec 2005
AHA: 26 Jul 2013
RIP: 06 Dec 2017

We don’t know where or when he was born but from the doctor’s assessment and Mettacat’s prediction Ken Ken was probably born around 2005. He was a stray cat and again we do not and probably never will know who were his parents or if he has any siblings.

We have identified his birthday to be 22 Dec 2005.

Animal abuse!!!

As a stray cat, Ken Ken was always in danger of being rounded up to be put to sleep. He was also in danger of abuse. One day in 2011, the tragedy happened; an extremely cruel person in Ubi area in Singapore poured hot liquid, either boiling water or oil on Ken Ken.

Left to die, someone discovered Ken Ken and sent him to the hospital where he stayed for 3 months fighting for his life. Another kind soul discharged Ken Ken and brought him to Mettacats where he stayed for about a year. Ken Ken’s wounds have healed but the scars remained permanently and the furs never grew back.

Our meeting

During one of our delivery to Mettacats, we were introduced to Ken Ken. Ms Lee called for Ken Ken and he ran towards us and immediately gave us a kiss. We knew we need to have Ken Ken.

But there were a few hurdles ahead. We need to check if staffs are ok and also look into opening our shop everyday as we close on Mondays. Then of course we need to see if the shop is suitable for Ken Ken. Mettacats came for a site inspection and it was deem suitable.

Here comes Ken Ken

So on 26 July 2013, Ms Lee of Mettacats drove Ken Ken to our shop. Ken Ken was somewhat anxious in the car but when he arrived at the shop, he felt completely at home and started to mark his territory.

Ms Lee was very pleased and before she left, she spoke to Ken Ken like a mother about to leave her child. She told Ken Ken to be good and to behave himself. Clearly Ms Lee was happy for Ken Ken but still reluctant and misses him. This is the kind of affection and love Ms Lee and Mettacats have for Ken Ken and for all their residents.

Ken Ken has settled in very well and our shop has an air of happiness and joy because of Ken Ken’s presence. Everyone who walk in can’t help but want to say hello to him, hug him a little and to show some care and affection. Many people came specially to visit Ken Ken and some even bought food as a gift to Ken Ken.

May all be well and happy

We are very happy to be able to care and to love Ken Ken and we want him to be a happy and healthy cat always showered with love and affection. We also want to show our appreciation to Mettacats for their selfless compassion for fellow beings.

Without Mettacats, many precious lives would have been lost and many animals would have died miserable deaths.

Please do adopt your pets. There are many lovely animals waiting for a loving home and please support Mettacats. Without Mettacats, there will be no Ken Ken.

Ken Ken thanks all the kind people who came into his life.

Finally, Ken Ken has permanent scars and was a former stray. But to us, he is just a precious bundle of joy and a wonderful affectionate cat who gives his love unconditionally. What more to ask for?

Ken Ken and Gold-D

About 6 months later, Ken Ken settled in and we were concerned he might be lonely. So we asked Mettacats to recommend a companion for Ken Ken.

Mettacats suggested Gold-D because he was very easy going. Gold-D arrived on 16 March 2014 and after a few days, he bounded with Ken Ken. They cannot be seperated!

Ken Ken the model

In 2015, Ken Ken along with 4 other cats became the face of Gold-D cat food. This is believed to be the first time in Singapore a cat food features local cats who were once strays.

Ken Ken & Gold-D documentary

In 2017, Ken Ken appeared in 2 award winning documentaries.

"We are not a Nuisance!" is based on the story of Ken Ken and Gold-D while "The Animal Protection Documentary" looks at issues of animal protection.

Ken Ken with love

Towards the end of 2015, Ken Ken's health began to deteriorate.
Ken Ken kept losing weight and he also began to lose his balance. He had several round of treatment which managed to stablise hinm. However, his right eye became closed leading to the vet suspecting he may have a tumour or a stroke.

By early December 2017, Ken Ken became weaker and he finally left on the very early morning of 6 Dec 2017.



26 July 2012:
Minutes after he arrived at AHA

Photo of Ken Ken in Mettacats

Our very special and precious Ken Ken

Ken Ken trying his new scratch bed

Doc said Ken Ken has slight dehydration so we got him a fountain to prevent any possible kidney problems in future

Ken Ken and Gold-D

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