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AHA Gallery

Welcome to the AHA Gallery curated by Ken Ken and Gold-D.

In this gallery, you can see paintings that were offered in support of Mettacats and Dogs Shelter (MCDS).

Some of the paintings were given to Ken Ken and Gold-D while others were acquired through auctions.

Watercolour painting by Dr Lim Hai Chiew This is Gold-D found abondoned in a car park and rescued by Mettacats. He now lives in AHA with Ken Ken.
Watercolour painting by Dr Lim Hai Chiew
This cat is Mei Mei who was found bleeding and tail chopped off. She was rescued and adopted. Now she has a loving home.
Watercolour painting by Dr Lim Hai Chiew
Painting acquired by AHA in support of Metacats
This is Garpy, a cat who has found his loving home. Garpy is a celebrity cat appealling for food sponsorship and modelling merchandising to support Mettacats. See the auction process
Watercolour painting by Dr Lim Hai Chiew
This painting was acquired by Royston Boh and gifted to Ken Ken & Gold-D
Watercolour painting by Dr Lim Hai Chiew Cat in Boat Quay.
Watercolour painting by Dr Lim Hai Chiew

These paintings convey a common theme. Of a cat found on a street; Sometimes abused, often hungry and definitely facing the dangers of street life; abuse, injured, bad health and always at risk of being rounded up to AVA where execution awaits.

Yet when given a loving home, they bloom and even become celebrity cats.

Everyone even cats need a 2nd chance. That is why shelters like Mettacats and dog shelter is so important.

Animals dismissed as a nuisance or eye sore are given food, shelter and affection.

They hold out to the hope that one day, a person will turn up to offer them a forever loving home. Please support Mettacats.


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