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Support Metta Cats

Metta Cats is founded by a kind woman who believes that community cats should not be put to sleep. While many shared her views, what distingushed her from others is her decision to start a shelter to house abondoned and/or abused cats.

Without Metta Cats, many cats would have died apainful death from hunger, abuse or be put to sleep. Our cats Ken Ken, Gold-D and Seng Seng were rescued by Mettacats. Jonah was rescued by a Mettacats volunteer.

Lets support Metta Cats by adopting cats from them instead of buying. Please also help by sending food as gifts to the cats there.

Every year, the cats at AHA work on a calendar to raise funds for Mettacats.

To support Metta Cats,

You can order by filling the form below, whatsup 81272723 or e mail pets@ahasg.com

All items are marked Mettacats, so it will be sent to them not your home address.
you can key in your address or put NA

The Garp SMRT card - All Garpy fans must have one!

$50 per Garpy NETS/SMRT card to support Mettacats

1) Transfer $50 to Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary
DBS current : 107-903608-2

2) Contact AHA via AHA facebook or Whatsapp (81272723)

3) Show AHA proof of transfer and advise your address.

3) AHA will post the SMRT cards to you.

Production and postage sponsored by AHA.
Paying direct to MCDS assures you 100% of funds given to MSDS
Card sent from AHA to prevent admin overload at MCDS




Ken Ken has been with AHA for 4 years.
He went from being an abused cat to become the CEO of AHA.

But all this is only possible because Mettacats decided to take him in. That decision by Mettacats changed his life.

So on Ken Ken's 4th year with us, he wants remember this special ocassion with a promotion. Every 4 bags of Gold-D ordered, Ken Ken contributes a bag.
Gold-D 4 + 1

I Love
cats & dogs

wet & dry food
Kitten+cat+dog Dog Gold-D kittens


Gold-D - 2 ctn (48cans)
Nutripe - 12 cans
Gold-D kibble 4 x 2kg
Gold-D wet x 4 ctns (24cans/ctn)
Gold-D kitten 2kg x 1
Gold-D adult 2kg x 1
Gold-D dog 6 kg x 1

Gold-D Dog 12kg

Gold-D kitten
$93.00 $200.00 $99.00 $99.00 $27.00
Keep Mettacats safe with animal safe cleaning products  
AHA phenol free disinfectant  
AHA Phenol free disinfectant
Every 4 bottles ordered, AHA contributes 1 bottle
AHA animal safe dishwash 1 ltr
Every 4 ordered, we upgrade to 5.5ltr
$35 5 ltr $10.00 1 ltr  

Phenol free disinfectant.
Phenol is toxic to cats, dogs and other animals
Free of chemicals that can create problem for animals; Parabens Propylene glycol Diethanolamine (DEA) Triclosan Dioxane  

More cat selections

Gold-D 2kg Gold-D wet food
24 x 85g/ctn
Sanabelle Chicken/poultry
10 kg
Royal Canin senior ageing 12
Grain free, with pre & pro biotics, salmon oil, and emzymes. Free from by products, artifical flavouring, colouring Grain free food for cats  
$25.00 $85.00

More dog selections

nutripe bosch
Nutripe 1 carton
12 x 390g
Bosch dog food 15kg Gold-D Organic
Extra virgin coconut oil 200ml
$45.00 $104.00/pack    

Wellness Core puppy 12.5oz x 6 Bosch young & active 12.5kg Wellness CORE puppy 24lb      
$33.00 $130.00 $145.00      


Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
You can type in your address or "NA"
All items are marked "metta" so your order will be sent to Metta Cats.

Thank you for your support of MettaCats.






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