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Story of Henry Dakota

DOB: 15 Apr 2007
AHA: 30 Nov 2016
RIP : 11 Jul 2017

Henry Dakota (nickname: ice cream) is senior cat who lived his life in Dakota, a housing estate in Singapore. As the residents were cleared to make way for redevelopment, Henry found himself homeless.

His owners were moving 20km away and they felt it was too far and too difficult to bring him along. Offers to drive Henry to their new home was rejected on the grounds that “it is not convenient”.

Life in Dakota

Although he has a owner, it was more of a in and out type of arrangement. Henry would find food in rubbish bins and drink from drains.

Sometimes he was fed by feeders. Through one of Henry's feeders, we got to know that he has 2 brothers.

One of them was killed in a car accident. Another died of abuse. Henry himself was badly hurt in a bicycle accident whom the feeder suspect was an abuse attempt.

Lucky for Henry, he managed to survive.

Save the Dakota cats

Henry was found by members of “Save the Dakota Cats”, a group of independent volunteers saving and rehoming cats left behind by residents.

Henry was very hungry when he met the rescuers and was also extremely friendly. His friendly nature was a concern as that made him an easy target for animal abusers.

The moment Henry met his rescurers

FIV care

The Dakota rescuers took him for a medical check-up and he was found to be FIV+ and with possible kidney failure. As a FIV+ cat, Henry needs a clean environment, good quality food and medical care. He also need follow ups to check on his renal health.

All of these factors combine to make Henry very vulnerable and even challenging as a adoption candidate so he was adopted by Animal Human Alliance (AHA).

Very affectionate Henry

Henry turn out to be a very affectionate, loving and sensitive cat. He is always eager to give tummy massage and purrs almost immediately when shown affection.

He also has a nice personality and gets along well with other cats.

Henry has made two appearances in documentaries; “We are not a nuisance!” and “The animal protection documentary”. He wants to be a model like his siblings.

Good bye Henry

Early July 2017, Henry very tired and inactive. A check up at the vet reveals very severe kidney failure. Henry did not respond to the intensive treatment and passed away on 11 July 2017.

Henry aka Ice Cream

Dakota Estate

Henry's former home

Henry when found by Save Dakota Cats rescurers

Henry with Gold-D

Henry eating from his own plate

Henry's birthday party

Henry very tired

Henry and Ken Ken

Good bye Henry. We love you.

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