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Animal Protection 护生

Every year, many cats and dogs are put to sleep, abused or abandoned. These inhumane and irresponsible acts create great sufferings not to mention injustice.

Given the danger of being on the street, any cats or dogs that live in a monastery is a life protected from abuse and from being put to sleep.

If you plan to do fang sheng (放生), consider hu sheng too. We have a list of monasteries and we have identified the suitable types of food.

We do not disclose the names of monasteries to avoid abandonment of animals. However, regular contrinutors are welcome to join us to deliver food to the monasteries.

Our netowrk now have 14 monastries. If you know of monasteries with animals and who need food, get in touch with us at pets@ahasg.com

Find our about our Vesak 2017 documentary

acknowledgment photo of delivery

Monastery A 18 cats including some kittens & terrapins
Monastery B 9 cats all saved from being put to sleep
Monastery D 1 dogs and 1 cat.
Monastery E 19 cats living in 2 locations in the monastery
Monastery F 10 mostly senior cats
Monastery G 1 dog and 1 cat
Monastery H 4 dogs all rescued street dogs
Monastery I 5 cats
Monastery K 4 cats
Monastery M 20 cats
Monastery N 1 dog and his neighbourhood friend


Food for cats

Cat Wet food
24 cans
Gold-D 2kg
Gold-D dog
Why? Wet food provides hydration and can prevent kidney problems especially in older cats. With pre & pro biotics and emzymes. It is very important for cats who needs a nutritional boost.

4+1: Order 4 bags we give 1 total 5 bags
Senior cats in monastery E consumes alot of these. Grain free dog food


Food for dogs

Variant Nutripe Wellness Simple

Wellness Simple


390g. Wtih joint support
Grain free

354g. Food formulated to address allergies and skin problem.

Food formulated to address allergies and skin problem.


Keep the monastery animal safe

AHA dishwash
AHA disinfectant 1ltr
Gold-D Shampoo  
Why? Pet safe liquid dishwash. See more here Phenol free disinfectant    




This is Brownie from monastery G. She was rescued from a farm and had lost most of the fur. With lots of loving care, she isnow a happy and healthy dog. Alot of care is put into her food to prevent any skin problems. These 2 dogs live in monastery D. One was rescued from SPCA n and another was brought in just before it was PTS. Both very nice sweet dogs. They live in the monastery with another cat sharing the same space. This is Wei Duan from monastery B. Rescued from the streets just before the locals call AVA, she is a senior cat & only eats Royal Canin Fit 32 and wet food. Tried many brands but she simply refuse to eat...
This is Ah Siong from monastery E. At 8 years old, he is one of the youngest cats. The others are more than 10 years old. all of them very picky with food and at the moment only will eat Royal Canin Hair & Skin and wet food. One of the cats in monastery C.
There is another cat with very bad skin condition but after giving food with skin care properties, its conditon improve greatly. They roam free in the monastery with their friends.
One of the dogs in monastery H. The 4 dogs are all street dogs rescued from the streets. Now cared for and protected in the monastery.

Bobo in monasery D keeping watch over an injured bird while the monastery call for help.

A kitten appeared in Monastery E






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