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Story of Rahula

DOB: unknown
AHA: 27 Sept 2014
RIP: 04 May 2015


Rahula is a male ginger cat who was owned by a family in Bukit Batok. One day, he began to feel unwell and his owner took him to the vet. Rahula was discovered to be FIV and FLV positive.

His owner was probably unprepare for it and decided to abandon him. Exposed to the elements, Rahula’s condition deteriorated very quickly.

The local feeders discovered him and looked after him. Other volunteers began posting his situation on social media.

By this time, his health had deteriorated due to lack of medical care and exposure to the elements. He had become very weak.

Being FIV and worse FLV, his chances of being adopted was very slim so Ken Ken and Gold-d decided to rescue him.

Rescuing Rahula

On 27 Sept 2014, the volunteers help locate Rahula and his first stop was the vet for urgent medical treatment. The vet was very supportive and helpful but without knowing how badly Rahula was neglected, it was hard to know if he can survive. Perhaps a few weeks or even a few days.

Back home, Rahula was naturally very frighten. His mouth had ulcers and smelled badly. He was unable to eat so his meals were very nutritious soups. For more information on his food, see caring for FIV and FLV cats.

Rahula blooms

Slowly Rahula’s health improved and he began to bloom. He is a very affectionate cat and often he rather show affection than eat his food. He is also a playful and cheerful cat who loves to be cuddled.

Looking after a FIV and FLV cat requires additional effort. Rahula lives in a room of his own to prevent the spread of FLV. He also require daily immune system boosters, supplements, vitamins and good quality food.

The additional effort is more than compensated by the pure joy to see him happy and playful.

In Loving Memory of Rahula

On the very early morning of 4 May 2015, Rahula left very peacefully and painlessly.

There were signs such as constant weight loss, and passing out blood. However, he remained comfortable throughout with no ulcers or imobility.

He may be gone but hes never left. It still felt like moments ago that we just hug him and hear his sweet purs.

Please do not abandon your pets when they are unwell.


Rahua after he was abandoned

In the cage and on the way to vet

Dr Travis caring for Rahula

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