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Support Four Paws at Changi Village

Four Paws at Changi Village is a community outreach for rescued abandoned cats. While there are different cat welfare groups in Singapore, there are simply too many strays needing to be rescued / rehomed. Resources are stretched.

This group aims to support the ongoing efforts by the different cat welfare groups to raise awareness of the importance of sterilization to maintain a stable cat population.

They are against cat breeding and the sale of cats in pet stores, especially when there are many abandoned strays seeking homes.

See their progress at their Facebook

To support Four Paws at Changi Village,

You can order by filling the form below, whatsup 81272723 or e mail pets@ahasg.com

1) Please indicate the quantity of food you wish to contribute. NO GST.
2) Click order now and you can choose to pay by Paypal or bank transfer.

Gold-D Trout & Sardine
Variant Gold-D wet food Gold-D kibble Gold-D organic extra virgin coconut oil Gold-D mushroom extract
info We will mix and match different flavours
aComplete meal
Grain free with prebiotics
Free from meat by products
Free from artifical colouring, flavours
Free from artifical preservative
We will mix and match different flavours
pre and pro biotics
Salmon oil
Dried antarctic krill oil
Aids digestion
promotes skin and coat helath
Source of anti oxident
Blend of reishi extract, Shiitake and chaga mushrooms
60 capsules,
400 mg per capsule
find out more
Variant Gold-D nano collodial silver 10ppm Gold-D nano collodial silver gel 10ppm Gold-D shampoo Gold-D catnip
info Anti virus, bacteria, fungi. For internal and external use; wounds, infection Anti virus, bacteria, fungi. For internal and external use; wounds, infection Compost grown aloe vera with nano colloidal silver Fragrance free Helps to calm newly rescued cats

Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.

You can type in your address or "NA"
All items are marked "4P" so your order will be sent to Changi Village.

Thank you for your support of Four Paws at Changi Village.





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